Project HELP Overview

CRW offers a broad range of substance abuse prevention and psychoeducation services that reinforce self-esteem and empower youth, adults and families to make healthy decisions. We offer developmentally-appropriate extended prevention programs that give youth and their families the tools and knowledge necessary to avoid substance abuse, improve communication and enhance overall well-being. In addition, we provide training for service providers such as teachers, counselors and other professionals, equipping them with effective solutions for recognizing and addressing substance use and abuse among their client populations.

Citywide Addiction Support Network

Through an Office of Addiction Services and Support (OASAS) grant, we are a part of the Citywide Addiction Support Network (CASN), a group of Prevention providers in Manhattan, the Bronx and Queens. CASN provides comprehensive evidence-based programs to students and families in our community. The network has created a Prevention Consortium trying to impact policy across NYC. The two evidence-based programs that CRW implements through this grant are SSET (Students Exposed to Trauma) and Triple P (Positive Parenting Program).

OASAS Prevention Provider

As an Office of Addiction Services and Support (OASAS) Provider our work is to prevent substance use/misuse, substance use disorder, and problem gambling throughout the lifespan. We do this through comprehensive evidence-based programs for individuals, children, families, and our overall Lower East Side community. The specific programs we offer through the OASAS grant are Teen Intervene, Too Good for Drugs/ Violence, Life Skills, and Active Parenting.

WISE and SBIRT Programs for Older Adults

Funded by OASAS (The Office of Addiction Services and Supports), The Wellness Initiative forSenior Education (WISE) is a wellness and prevention program targeting older adults, which isdesigned to help them celebrate healthy aging, make healthy lifestyle choices and betterunderstand the risks associated with substance and alcohol misuse.

Opioid Overdose Prevention Program

Since 2017, our Opioid Overdose Prevention  Program, has provided educational resources to the Lower East Side community to help intervene and prevent overdoses from becoming fatal. We offer nalaxone trainings (Narcan), fentanyl testing strips, and safe prescription medicine disposal.

Tobacco Awareness Groups

Would you like to quit smoking cigarettes but don’t know where to start? Our tobacco awareness group provides a supportive environment for people to learn about how nicotine affects the brain, and practical strategies for how to cut down and even fully quit smoking cigarettes. The tobacco awareness group is available to any community member who is interested.

ReStart Academy

ReStart Academy at CRW is an alternative education program that provides transitional services for students ages 16 through 21 who reside in temporary or involuntary settings. As a program under the auspices of NYC District 79. New York City’s alternative schools district, we have 27 locations throughout the five boroughs and including two residential sites in upstate New York. 

Adult GED/ESL Classes

Thinking about taking the High School Equivalency Test (GED)? Want to learn English? Join our Adult GED & ESL classes. We are a NYC Department of Education program that provides community-based educational services to adults 21 years and older.

Emergency Contraceptive - Plan B & Safe Sex Supplies

In need of Emergency Contraceptive – Plan B? Want to get safe sex supplies? Our trainings or walk-in appointments can teach you what Plan B is and how to use it properly. You can also learn how to protect yourself and others when having sex.