Project HELP Overview

CRW offers a broad range of substance abuse prevention and psychoeducation services that reinforce self-esteem and empower youth, adults and families to make healthy decisions. We offer developmentally-appropriate extended prevention programs that give youth and their families the tools and knowledge necessary to avoid substance abuse, improve communication and enhance overall well-being. In addition, we provide training for service providers such as teachers, counselors and other professionals, equipping them with effective solutions for recognizing and addressing substance use and abuse among their client populations.

SSET (Students Exposed to Trauma)

SSET is a support group led by students who have experienced or been exposed to any traumatic or stressful event, especially for those who have severe PTSD symptoms. There are a series of ten lessons that use a structured approach to help reduce symptoms caused by the traumatic and/or stressful event.  The lessons work to reshape the way they think about past experiences and how they think about future experiences as well. 

Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)

Triple P is a “light touch” parenting information presentation for parents or caregivers, with children up to 12 years, interested in learning information about promoting their child’s development and improving their parenting skills and strategies. 

Opioid Overdose Prevention Program

Through our Opioid Overdose Prevention Program, we provide educational resources to the community to help intervene and prevent overdoses. We offer Narcan training, prescription drug safety, and safe prescription medicine disposal.

If you are interested in learning more, please use the following contact information:

Triple P and SSET

Director of Project HELP
John Gordon
He, Him, Him
Managing Director, Community and Recovery Services
O: 646-395-4421
C: 917-309-2067

ReStart Highschool, ESL/GED
Sela Redmond
Prevention and Wellness Coordinator  

Triple P and SSET
Taylor Nazario
She, Her, Hers
Prevention and Wellness Educator

Mia Saunders
She, Her, Hers
Sr. Prevention and Wellness Educator

Opioid Overdose Prevention
Fiorela Caro Turin
She, Her, Hers
Opioid Overdose Prevention Outreach Coordinator 
(646) 395-4455

Triple P, Smoking Cessation Groups 
Pedro Cordero
He, Him, His
(646) 395-4451