At Educational Alliance, we build bridges to better lives and a better community in Lower Manhattan.

We build bridges across communities. Our integrated network of community centers serves a wide range of people, from new parents to new immigrants, from teens who are first in their family to attend college to older adults making their first work of art. What they have in common, from every end of the socioeconomic spectrum, is a desire to make their lives better through participation in our community.

We build bridges across the lifespan. We help people transition through critical life stages, whether through early childhood programs, college prep tutoring, parenting classes, or retirement workshops. We also offer coaching and classes to assist members with challenging life events, such as losing a job or overcoming addiction. We see these moments as turning points that serve as opportunities for self-reflection and growth.

We build bridges across sectors. We leverage the best approaches and ideas from non-profit, for-profit, and government partners to ensure that we are maximizing our impact and addressing the full range of human needs.

Use the reader on this page to review our full strategic plan and learn how we will ensure our mission is sustainable well into the future.