Ambulatory services – An extension of Project contact outpatient


Commonly known as “Offsite Services”, Ambulatory Services is an extension of our Project Contact Outpatient program that links communities to treatment. The program is designed to make treatment services more available by meeting people living with a substance use disorder (SUD) where they are at, literally. We provide outpatient services by invitation in community-based settings such as shelters, schools, churches, synagogues, community centers, hospitals and other settings. The primary goal remains the same, increasing access to treatment via 822-Outpatient Treatment programs to those whom historically feel stigmatized and are avoidant of engaging in services. 

This concept and model was launched as a collaborative effort between DHS-NYC (Dept. of Homeless Services) and OASAS-NY (Office of Addiction Services and Support) as a means and way to minimize and/or eliminate barriers for New Yorkers statewide who need and are eligable for services but are reluctant to seek them out. DHS continues to be motivated to provide easily accessible SUD services to shelter clients due to SUD remaining a prevalent and considerable barrier for large portions of their populations not effectively participating in procedures to access housing or employment and successfully exit shelters, as placements.

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    Have questions about ambulatory services? Please use the contact information below:

    Keithie Lawrence, BA, Adv. CASAC, CPRA
    Director of Recovery Services

    Thomas Perry CASAC ll, CRPA-P, CARC
    Manager of Ambulatory Services, PCO
    O:646-295-4101 Ext.4207