Freddie, a PRIDE Site Residential client, shares about his experiences receiving Peer support from Angela Frazier (Peer Services Coordinator) 

Freddie, how did you first get in touch with Angela Frazier (Peer Services Coordinator) and how did you first get involved with peer services at the Center for Recovery and Wellness?  

I was there when Peer Services first started because I used to be enrolled in PRIDE Site (residential program)the first time I was in PRIDE Site I completed, and then I came back because I messed up, so I’m new to the process all over again.  

 I’ve known Angela for a while...she helped me get into Samaritan Village detox and we just stayed in contact. When I let her know I completed, she asked me if I’d like to continue doing Peer Services and I said yeah, and we’ve been talking once a week ever since then.  

How long did you spend at PRIDE Site?  

The first time was 17 months, this was in 2016. Second time about this lovely year for 13 months, so altogether 26 months.  

Tell me what has what has your experience been like with Peer Services since you left PRIDE Site? What has your experience been like receiving peer services from Angela? 

Angela and I still talk once a week; she gives me advice and encourages me on the things that I’m doing. She also lets me know things I shouldn’t do. Recently my sister wanted me to come visit her upstate and I’m thinking that’s not a good idea. Angela reinforced my thinking that maybe I shouldn’t stay with my sister, and now she’s worried about me getting my own place. Like I said it’s been good, she’s been an asset to my recovery.  

What do you think makes Angela successful at supporting your recovery? 

Because of her experience she’s walking in my shoes pretty much, I mean she knows what addiction is. She’s lived through what I’m going through right now, like the early stages of recovery, you know, the cravings, the urges. She’s been there before so she can relate to what I’m going through and give me feedback 

What personal challenges do you think were the most important to overcome in recovery? How did Angela or the program help you overcome those challenges? 

I’ll have to say just patience. I want everything to get over it and get done. Talking to Angela, she lets me know that everything is a process and it’s going to take time, like I can’t skip steps because I want to hurry up and get to Z. And there’s a lot of other letters I got to go through before I get there. She lets me know that anything worth doing is worth doing  right, so if it takes years just to get through one step that’s how long it’s going to take. In the end it’s going to be beneficial, I’d be happy with the results...she helps you relate recovery to you personally.