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Our adult programs provide numerous educational and social services and emphasize community, support, and respect.  Throughout all of our programs, we have many intergenerational events and activities so that people in all stages of life can learn from each other.

The Sirovich Center for Balanced Living–one of Educational Alliance’s four, free-standing community centers–provides seniors a hot lunch five days a week and offers a wide variety of programs, classes, and activities that engage both the mind and the body. Project ORE, located within the Sirovich Center, has served emergency kosher meals and provided counseling, case management, and other support services to isolated, poor, homeless, and mentally ill Jews since 1987. It is the only program of its kind in New York City.

The Weinberg Center for Balanced Living (WCBL) at the Manny Cantor Center is known on the Lower East Side as the “young” senior center. Over 70% of members are recent retirees, and offerings reflect the diverse interests of Baby Boomers. Group exercise, arts and education, advocacy and social events, as well as fresh kosher breakfast and lunch are all available Monday through Friday.

Educational Alliance’s Co-op Village Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC) is a social service program for adults over 60 residing in the co-ops located along Grand Street.  The NORC, in conjunction with our partners, assists senior residents in successfully “aging in place” by providing opportunities to engage in the community and by offering vital support services. Educational Alliance also has two federally subsidized senior residences: the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Apartments on Avenue A and the David L. Podell House on Henry Street.

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Educational Alliance has two federally subsidized senior residences.  They are the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Apartments on Avenue A and the David L. Podell House on Henry Street.

Residents of the Weinberg Apartments are close to the 14th Street Y and Sirovich Center for Balanced Living.  Residents of Podell House can take advantage of the comprehensive social services and senior programming at the Weinberg Center for Balanced Living at Manny Cantor Center.

To learn more about the Weinberg Apartments and Podell House, please contact:

TUC Management Co.
200 W 57th St, Suite 702
New York, NY  10009
Phone/fax: 212-865-6985


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