unpausing educational alliance

In March, Educational Alliance suspended in-person programs across our network of community centers in order to support social distancing efforts and slow down the spread of the coronavirus. As New York City slowly reopens, we are also carefully planning for the return of in-person programming. Our decisions are based on the guidance of state and city government, the advice of medical and science professionals, and a set of guiding values developed by our leadership team and staff, which you can read on this page.

This page contains information about which Educational Alliance community centers and programs are running virtually, in-person, or are paused. We will update this info as additional programs are unpaused so please check back regularly.


Value 1: Safety
Keeping each other safe and healthy.

  • Creating safe and healthy environments and following the mandates of local, state, and federal authorities.
  • Backing up all decisions with guidelines that are grounded by science and which are communicated clearly using evidence-based protocol
  • Defining agency-wide and program-specific best practices.

Value 2: Equity, Diversity and Interdependence 
Maintaining our values of equity and diversity are especially important as marginalized communities have become more vulnerable. This must inform our communications strategies, programming, and operations.

  • Commitment to making communications accessible through translation, and by using multiple channels (WeChat, email, text, websites).
  • Strength-based, culturally relevant, and trauma-informed communications.
  • Ensuring a diverse range of community members are included in decision-making processes where possible.
  • Commitment to providing staff with training, compassion and emotional support as they navigate this new normal.

Value 3: High-Quality, Reliable and Relationship-driven Programs
Continue our legacy of Excellence, Reliability, and Prioritizing People and Relationships

  • Commitment by staff to offer excellence in programming even though we may feel obstructed or anxious or face limited resources.
  • Commitment to vulnerable populations by continuing to offer digital programs to those who cannot reach us in person.
  • Relational and personal programs with individualized reach-out and supports.
  • Reliability, availability, predictability, and endurance.

Value 4: Responsibility to Health of EA
Making decisions based on the overall fiscal, legal, reputational needs of our Agency.

  • Commitment by all staff to seeing ourselves as representatives of EA. Safety will need to be visible. Best practices will be required and need to be taken seriously and done consistently.
  • Modeling cleanliness, order, compliance, health while balancing warmth, generosity, flexibility, and personalization.
  • Determining our Agency’s tipping point for deciding to close sites in spite of the financial implications or conflicting information from city and state agencies. Need for vigilance and agility.

Value 5: Continuing our legacy as a light in our communities.

  • Staff are visible in the community and need to consider health and safety best practices at all times.
  • Model and communicate optimism about the strength of our neighborhood and communities.
  • Model responsiveness to our community by prioritizing feedback loops that enable us to measure success.
  • Flexibility, agility, consistency. We need to be nimble and that may mean we cannot make the same decisions for programs across the board.

Value 6: Transparency that empowers everyone.

  • Creating a transparent methodology for how we navigate situations when the above values seem to be in conflict with each other.
  • Scenario planning that enables staff to make informed decisions in a timely way.



  • 14Y Preschool is open for in-person programs
  • All other 14Y programs remain virtual or suspended
  • Visit 14streety.org for more details

Center for Recovery and Wellness

  • Residential services remain open for in-person programs
  • Free Food Fridays have resumed. Food will be distributed outside of the building. Please wear a mask.
  • All other programs remain virtual or suspended

Community Schools & Youth Development

  • All community school-based after school programs remain suspended until further notice
  • Virtual programs will continue 

Co-op Village NORC

  • All Co-op Village NORC programs remain virtual until further notice

Manny Cantor Center

  • Early Childhood @ MCC is open for in-person programs
  • All other MCC programs remain virtual or suspended
  • Visit mannycantor.org for more details

Sirovich Center

  • Take-home food is available to members from the pantry on Wednesdays
  • All other programs at the Sirovich Center and Project ORE remain virtual or suspended