Educational Alliance’s response to the influx of asylum seekers echoes our historic origins as a settlement house. As a Jewish organization committed to the core value of welcoming the stranger, we remain as dedicated as ever to helping individuals and families navigate their new lives in New York City. 

New Yorkers understand struggle. And New Yorkers understand opportunity. For generations, Lower Manhattan’s neighborhoods have attracted diverse strivers from all over the world seeking promise and transformation. Since 1889, these residents have had a community anchor giving them the tools to overcome struggles and take advantage of opportunities—Educational Alliance.

Living in the city is not easy; many people feel isolated and overwhelmed, especially newcomers. They may struggle with language, job readiness, accessing quality childcare and affordable pre-school, while others urgently need health and rehabilitation services. And many elders are aging with inadequate support.

A nonprofit beacon of hope for over 130 years, as a historically Jewish organization Educational Alliance believes in the power of communities to lift up people of all ages and turn strangers into neighbors.  We offer high-quality, affordable education programs, health services, and diverse cultural enrichment right where New Yorkers live and raise their families. We make the city a brighter, friendlier and more supportive place. Our community centers offer multi-generational programs that push boundaries and break barriers, sharing critical tools to foster relationships and advance the well-being of people in New York City. 

Our pioneering educational programs—like 2Generation Head Start, and courses ranging from art to fitness, career readiness to citizenship—are carefully curated and developed with our city’s residents in mind. We offer dozens of options and we never stop innovating to help people of all ages grow, connect, and engage. 

Guided by Jewish values, Educational Alliance celebrates the differences and individuality every person brings when they walk through our doors because we know that there is more that connects us than keeps us divided. Today, our reach extends beyond the city as our innovative programs serve as models for other organizations to adopt and implement in their communities. We invite you to join us as we partner with our neighbors, strengthen our city, and pave the way for more generations of New Yorkers to live enriched and fulfilling lives – because you belong here.

Educational Alliance believes strong communities can transform lives. Our community centers and community-based programs provide New Yorkers in Lower Manhattan access to quality education, health and wellness services, arts and culture, and civic engagement opportunities. Learn more about our network of centers and programs by exploring the links below and join us today to discover your deeper connection with New York City.

New Yorkers face tough challenges: many elders are aging with inadequate support, families are struggling to access quality child care and affordable pre-school, while others urgently need health and rehabilitation services. The people Educational Alliance serves are building blocks of this city, and when they are strong we strengthen NYC as a whole. We are proud to partner with the many wonderful organizations below who know Educational Alliance has the solutions New Yorkers need. 

One thing has always been true of New Yorkers: we give back when we can. Donate to Educational Alliance today and help our neighbors lift up their communities.